That Time The Peterborough Petes Came Over To Make Candles

The Peterborough Petes were established in 1956 and have become one of the most storied franchises in the Canadian Hockey League. Known as the “Number one supplier to the NHL” based on how many players have been drafted to the show they are a mainstay and tradition in our City. The Maroon & White in Electric City Maroon & White is an ode and tribute to the heroes of may of our players. Walking through the Peterborough Memorial Centre on a game night you will not be able to miss someone wearing ECM&W swag! 

We initially approached the Petes with the idea of creating a signature scent that we could partner with them on and donate a portion of the proceeds to the Petes scholarship fund. It was very well received on their end and the next step was to provide them with several scents to be voted on by players, management and staff. A delicious scent of vanilla with undertones of black raspberry was the winner and the name Game Night was chosen “To stir up the emotion and excitement of hockey on a chilly winter’s night”

The process of “Game Night” continued with the majority of the Petes team along with several of the ECM&W crew coming together to create candles! It was an opportunity to share our program and it’s core values with many established Junior hockey players, grab some autographs and pictures along with teach the boys some off ice candle creating skills. 

Thank you to the Peterborough Petes for creating some everlasting memories. 

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