About The Electric City Candle Company

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Shining A Light On Special Needs Since 2018

The Electric City Candle company started as a fundraising initiative for the Electric City Maroon & White special needs hockey team With very little sponsorship we needed to get creative and after several YouTube videos and conversations with candle companies the ECCC was born.

Our players, families and coaches gathered together for what is now known as a “pouring party” in October 2018 at ECM&W President Chris Williams home where the team assembled 150 candles for the upcoming holiday season! Our players are involved in all steps of the candle making process which includes carefully measuring wax amounts, scent amounts, monitoring temperatures and finally pouring the wax and then scents. The “pouring parties” also give us a chance to get together in a social situation where friendships can continue to develop off the ice which is extremely important for special needs kids and adults.

The high expectations of selling those 150 candles in year one were not only met but obliterated with over 500 sold! The pride that our players feel from making something that raises money for their team is indescribable, it means so much to them knowing that through their hard work we continue as an organization.

Each homemade 8.5oz mason jar candle is made with natural soy wax, a variety of amazing scents and most importantly….love.

To learn more about the Electric City Maroon & White special needs hockey team please click on our logo.