Where It All Started – Pouring Party September 18th, 2018

As described in the About The Electric City Candle Company section there was a lot of initial planning made before we started the ECCC. Countless hours watching YouTube videos and some interaction with candle companies including a site in Australia owned by a young lady with Down syndrome. Everyone was completely supportive and willing to share knowledge to help us out in the beginning. Our first pouring party was an absolute blast, we all had so much fun albeit we were somewhat nervous on our first pour. Will it work? Will the wax harden and will we be able to smell anything? Our fears were put to rest when everything went according to a very detailed plan and the only thing left was to wait for the order to come in. We’d aimed high with a goal of selling 150 candles but with the help of Lance Anderson from My.Kawartha.Com article here we re able to sell over 500 during the holiday season! It also acted as an outlet to spread the abilities of our players and how we fundraise for the Electric City Maroon & White. 

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